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About Norma Serrano-Williams

Norma is an award-winning entrepreneur, contractor, painter, mentor, creator, transformer, mother, and the host of the #AtHomeWithNorma Show. She is also a member of the Society of Innovators and has served as a TEDx speaker. Her twin passions are to create functional and stylish homes while supporting her hurting sisters through love, training, and connections. 

These passions draw heavily from personal experiences: Norma launched her design and construction business over 15 years ago in order to support her three children after escaping an abusive marriage. Her struggle became the catalyst for an employment structure that she still utilizes today, where she offers inexperienced and “unemployable” women a transitional career, while also creating resources to help them pursue their own passions. Her efforts have led to over a hundred women finding employment in her 15 years of business. 

Since she started Excellence By Design over a decade ago, Norma has created a prosperous design and construction contracting business that serves Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana, while also tending to clients in Colorado and Michigan. Although her company offers an array of services, ranging full custom remodeling to painting, Norma specializes in interior design & kitchen remodels.

Norma believes that when you positively impact a woman’s life, you change the dynamic of her whole family. Through her training and mentorship, she aims to create happy families and healthy communities.

She launched her design & construction company 15 years ago to support her 3 children after an abusive marriage. Her own struggle became the catalyst for the structure of employment she utilizes today. Employing the unemployable woman, single mom, and unexperienced allows for creativity and innovation within the business structure. Ms. Williams has employed more than 100 women in 15 years of business.